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Drain Relining and Repair

In some cases, a drain may have become damaged or misaligned or might simply have worn away with age. In cases like this, the affected pipes must be replaced as well as unblocked, and this is something that Evergreen Drainage Solutions can help with. Drain relining is both cost-effective and non-destructive and is an excellent way to repair drains without having to dig up the area.

Drain relining can be used to reinforce old and weakened pipes, seal fractures, realign misaligned pipes and extend the life expectancy of any drainage system. In some cases, drain relining can stretch a drain’s life span by as many as 50 years or more. But what is drain relining?

In a nutshell, drain relining is a process where a pipe is created within a pipe. A liner impregnated with a special resin is inserted into the pipe and inflated. Once inflated, the liner is then heated using hot water or UV lighting causing the resin to adhere and set to the inside of the current pipe. The liner is then removed, leaving behind a brand-new resin pipe that will seal up any cracks, allow for water to flow correctly and keep out any pests.

There are many benefits to opting for our drain relining services. In nearly all cases, there is zero need for any excavating to occur although if the pipe has sharp bends, some digging may be required. Overall, the process will always save you time and money when compared to traditional techniques. Drain relining can be applied to pipes of virtually any size and can even go around 45o and 90o bends.

It is also an environmentally friendly solution as sewage will be prevented from seeping out where it can cause harm to the surrounding area as well as water pollution.

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