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What is surface water drainage?

November 13, 2020
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Surface water drainage makes sure that rainwater which runs off your home or business premise roof or paved areas is drained away.  Moving through your drainpipes and gullies, it should flow directly into your sewer system or in some cases a soakaway, installed to prevent waterlogged lawns and flooding.

If your property doesn’t have any surface water drainage in place, then rainwater can’t go anywhere and could end up causing damage to your property.

Ensure your Surface Water Drainage is effective
Whether the surface water from your property is flowing into the sewers or a soakaway, it’s key you maintain your drains throughout the year. You can do this by:

  • Checking Your Pipes
    Check your pipes are intact, and that there are no leakages around your property. If you see any leakages or just want to inspect your pipes to understand what surface water drainage you have in place, then contact us at Evergreen Drainage Solutions.
  • Adding a Drain Protector
    Invest in an external drain protector. Fallen leaves can cause problems by clogging your drains and causing a blockage. A drain protector will reduce the risk of this occurring.
  • Cleaning Your Pipes and Gullies
    Clean your drainpipes and gullies on a regular basis to help the rainwater flow smoothly through them. Keep them clear of leaves, mud, or rubble to prevent them getting blocked during stormy weather.


Have a problem with your surface water drainage?
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