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Think before you flush

October 3, 2020
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Most blockages are caused by people flushing items down the toilet or sink that they shouldn’t. Things like wet wipes, rags, sanitary products, food, and fats. A clogged drain can cause you slower water drainage, corrosion, flooding, and in extreme cases, sewage backup into your home or business premises, potentially meaning costly repairs.

You can help protect yourself against blockages in your drainage system by following these simple tips.


To prevent blockages only flush water, human waste, and toilet paper.  Put everything else into a rubbish bin. This include sanitary items, cotton buds, rags, and condoms. Even those wipes that claim to be flushable can still block your pipes. If any foreign matter has gotten into your plumbing supply and is causing issues, you’ll likely need professional help to remove it and ensure your plumbing returns to normal.

Fats, Oil and Grease 

When you pour fat, oil or grease down your kitchen sink it cools and turns hard. When this accumulates it causes blockages. Running hot water won’t solve the problem. It will just move it further down your pipes. If you have fat, oil, or grease to dispose of, then:

  • Pour small amounts of leftover cooled fat, oil and grease into a paper towel or newspaper and dispose of it in the bin or compost.
  • Let fat cool down in pots and frying pans before scraping into the bin, before washing
  • If you have large amounts of cooking oil, then please recycle

Have a blockage?

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